Kids room ideas, created with love and magic


Oh, to be young again. Everything was magical and the world was there to be explored.

Our dreamy collection of children’s artworks and wall stickers will help you transform your child’s special space into a cosy world of sweet dreams and marvellous imaginings.

Encourage your child to get lost in a world of imagination where they will want to play for hours.

What adventure will your child choose? Which enchanting scene will they decide to be swept up in?

Will they drift off to sleep, swimming with the gentle Beluga Whales and playing with mermaids on the seashore?

Will they follow their soft bunny down a rabbit-hole, finding adventures in the wooded forests with their friends the fawns, foxes and butterflies?

Or will your little one ride atop the gentle unicorns adorned with floral garlands, as they explore faraway lands?

Making unforgettable memories with your child is as easy as filling a room with things they will adore. A space they can explore the outer limits of their imagination and a space they can rest their weary heads in.

For kids room ideas that you’ll fall head over heels for, we have curated some of the most stunning kids bedrooms featuring our wall stickers and artworks. We love seeing how our incredible customers bring to life their kids’ bedrooms with Schmooks. Peek behind the curtain of some of our most loved bedrooms, and get carried away into magical little worlds.

Just add a teaspoon of wonder, a scattering of imagination, and add a sprinkle of magic.