Your little family is growing! As you prepare for the next chapter of your family’s fairytale, we’d love to help you create a nursery where dreams come true.

A nursery should be the most special of spaces, where little imaginations are nurtured, and sweet dreams are created. It also needs to be practical, so your little one can sleep, play and grow peacefully and happily.


Our Tips!

  • Start by sketching a floorplan. You don’t need to be an artist or a designer to do this! Just a rough sketch will help give you an idea of where to place furniture and accessories. Divide the room into different zones – one for sleeping, one for nursing, one for changing. Be sure to incorporate doors, robes and windows to make it easier to plan your furniture layout.
  • Create a mood board. If you’ve spent a bit of time on Instagram or Pinterest, you may well be completely overwhelmed with ideas for your little one’s nursery. By creating a mood board, you’ll soon start to see a theme emerging, with key colours and styles standing out.
  • Choose a colour scheme! Hopefully your mood board will have helped you narrow down the colour selection for your nursery. Soft, restful colours are traditionally perfect for nurseries.
  • Once you have an idea of colours and styles, select your key pieces of furniture. Use these as your starting point for the nursery layout. You’ll need a cot or bassinet, changing table, set of drawers, and feeding chair. That’s it!
  • Accessorise! Add the magical finishing touches with cute wall hangings, baskets to store toys, a rug for tummy-time and hanging mobile for babies bedtime.


For some truly inspiring nursery ideas, take a look at our ROOM INSPO page. 

Let the magic begin!


August 22, 2019 — Claire Cimbora