Your tiny baby is quickly growing up into a little person full of character, with independence and their own unique taste.

Whether your child shares with a sibling or has a bedroom to themselves, now’s the perfect time to create a space where they can happily sleep, play, daydream, read and create!

With that in mind, here are our tips for creating an imaginative and inspiring bedroom for your child.

Our Tips!

  • Involve your child! Now that your little one is a bit older, they can help in the creation of their new room. What are their favourite colours? Is there anything in particular they would like in their new room? Encourage independence and imagination by giving them ownership of their space.

  • Divide the room into different zones – one for sleeping, one for playing, one for creating and one for relaxing or reading. This will help prevent the bedroom becoming a jumble of LEGO, clothes and crayons! Be sure to keep plenty of floorspace for imaginative games. It’s hard to play in clutter!
  • Select your key pieces of furniture. What existing pieces will stay and what needs to be replaced? Keep key pieces of furniture relatively neutral, along with the carpet and window treatments. That way, you can change and update your child’s bedroom, without having to spend a fortune.

  • Consider your child’s likes. Would they use a desk for drawing and writing? Would a LEGO table (with storage!) be valuable? What about an easel, or a fancy-dress box? A doll’s house or a storage box for toy cars? Most children love a reading corner, with a comfy beanbag and low book shelves. Be sure to incorporate a shelf for your child to display their ‘treasure’, artworks and awards!

  • Accessorise! Little additions like floor cushions, a canopy or fairy lights will bring warmth and magic to their room.
  • Don’t stop there! Change as your child changes. If you’ve kept the key colour scheme fairly neutral, you’ll be able to add or remove pieces as they grow. Did you know our WALL STICKERS are removable, so they can be quickly and easily changed and updated?

A great bedroom will last for years, with just a few tweaks and changes ensuring it’s the perfect space for your little one to learn, imagine and grow.

For some truly inspiring bedroom ideas, take a look at our ROOM INSPO page. 

Let the magic begin!

August 22, 2019 — Claire Cimbora