Schmooks wall stickers for kids: the perfect wall décor for decorating your nursery or kids’ room.

When it comes to decorating the nursery for your new baby or bedroom for your growing child, wall décor is often the most effective and simplest way to transform your child’s room into a fairy-tale world where little imaginations are nurtured, and sweet dreams are created.

At Schmooks, we believe in the magic of childhood and love to help parents turn their nursery or bedroom ideas into a reality. To find out if our kids' wall stickers are right for you, take a look at our frequently asked questions:


1. Are your wall stickers safe for walls?

The short answer is, yes! Our wall stickers are very gentle on walls. Simple instructions are included to help you prepare the walls prior to application. You can use them, move them, reuse them and replace them.


2. What are your wall stickers made from?

Our wall stickers for kids are made from a premium polyester fabric that can be placed on virtually any flat surface. Our decals have a beautiful soft fabric-like finish and the water-based inks are vibrant in colour. The adhesive on the back won’t lose its stickiness or leave any kind of sticky residue on your walls.



3. Where are your wall stickers made?

Our wall stickers are made by us in our studio, in Canberra, Australia.


4. We rent. Can I still use wall stickers for my child's room?

Our wall stickers are perfect for renters. If a move is on the cards we suggest holding on to your tube and backing paper, that way you can safely store your wall stickers ready to be reapplied in your new home.



5. How long do your wall stickers last?

Our wall stickers are super tough and designed to stand the test of time. They won’t get weak or flimsy, and they won’t rip, shrink or curl. You can move them seamlessly from wall to wall, just simply peel and stick!


6. Do your wall stickers contain any bad stuff?

The decal material is non-toxic and free from PVCs, BPAs, lead, phthalates, glyco-ethers and formaldehydes. Our wall stickers are biodegradable and have a low fire rating which makes them perfect for kid’s rooms.


7. My walls are dark! Will the paint show through your wall stickers?

We’ve got you covered! Our wall stickers are made from a 99% block-out material, which will cover dark or bright walls and even hide marks.  


If you have any questions about Schmooks wall stickers please feel free to send us an email. We love to help!